Makibaka, wag mashokot! Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

Asia’s first gay zombie comedy is here!

Zombadings Casts and Duirector

From award-winning filmmakers Michiko Yamamoto (writer of the excellent tearjerker Magnifico), Jade Castro (director of the charming love story Endo), and Raymond Lee (writer of box-office gems Anak, Milan, and In My Life, and producer of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros,) comes a one-of-a-kind thriller/comedy/coming-of-age story about a curse, gay zombies, and a boy’s journey into gayhood and back–while being chased by a pink pashmina and a congregation of dead Diana-Ross-lookalikes.

The film is Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington, and it opens in theaters nationwide this August 31. The first output from the all-writers group Origin8 Media, the movie is headlined by an extremely winsome cast composed of young stars and veterans: Lauren Young, Janice de Belen, John Regala, Angelina Kanapi, Kerbie Zamora, Leandro Baldemor, Daniel Fernando, and introducing the 21-year old Martin Escudero as Remington. Comedy royalty Roderick Paulate and Eugene Domingo, portraying pivotal roles, lend an extra dash of fabulousness to a film brimming with first-rate performances.

Early acclaim

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington brought the house down when it premiered to a full-packed CCP Main Theater last July. “Terrific!” said filmmaker Joel Ruiz. “Roderick Paulate is comedy gold but Eugene Domingo in rollerskates is utter genius!” said writer-critic Dodo Dayao. In the film’s Facebook page, Dante M. Velasquez posted, “Another gulong-gulong with hilot ng tiyan to the max laughter na naman itong movie na ito!” Josel Garlitos wrote, “It’s the best zombie/gay movie since, well… it’s the first of its kind. Super laugh trip then you’ll cry.” Allan Ortega commented, “Hahahaha! Ganito dapat ang comedy movie… Magaling talaga! Award!”

The film just got the highest grade – an A – from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB). In the post-review summation the CEB showered the film with praises, calling it a “thoroughly entertaining and hilarious offbeat comedy that presents a very different story — one which Philippine cinema needs in these days when formulaic films dominate the movie fare of today” and “an incredible achievement with an amusing and rare synergy of horror, comedy, satire and drama.”

“Undeniably, the film is worthy of the favorable critical attention that it will surely reap,” the CEB also wrote. “The young filmmakers are to be congratulated for this enjoyable and original concept which wasn’t afraid to take it to its humorous extremes.”

Apparently enamored and intoxicated by the film’s energy, wit, and humor, the CEB closed its summation with a quote from the most famous Muppet: “To paraphrase Kermit the Frog: it’s not easy being gay, but this film shows it surely is a lot of fun!”

The story

The film takes place—and was actually entirely shot—in Lucban, Quezon. Remington is a happy-go-lucky young man content at being another tambay along with his tagay-loving comrades. Until, of course, the lovely Hannah (Young), a childhood friend, returns to their small, quiet town. Hannah rebuffs Remington because she finds him lazy and uncouth. Remington starts becoming neater, nicer and more sensitive. While Hannah begins to appreciate what seems a new Remington, his transformation is actually just beginning. He is soon wearing baby tees, swaying his hips while walking, and sensing a strong attraction to his best buddy Jigs (Zamora) even as he also feels a strong liking towards Hannah.

Around town, curious things are also happening. A serial killer is on the loose and gay men are the target. In Remington’s dreams, ghoulish characters are taking over. With the help of Hannah and their friend Jigs, Remington investigates why masked macho dancers are all of a sudden invading his sleep, why he’s suddenly fluent in gayspeak, and why gay zombies are roaming the streets.

PG, Uncut!

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington has received a PG-13 rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) without any cuts. The makers are very grateful that the MTRCB recognized their intention and the novelty of their concept. “We got the rating that we wanted and the approval means that we can reach and entertain more people,” says producer Raymond Lee.

Meantime, Origin8 invites groups, organizations, and companies in dire need of laughter – or a fundraiser – to organize a Zombadings screening. Origin8’s Tammy Dinopol says, “There are limited sneak previews before the nationwide release. We are open for booking. We’ll provide the venue and film. Just show up with your people.” Interested parties may contact Tammy at or at 0916-6645806 and 0920-9064793. For updates, follow RemingtonTheMovie on Twitter and Facebook.

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington opens in theaters nationwide on August 31.

VIVA.!Nuestra Señora De La Candelaria

Feruary 2, 2010-The Jaro District again celebrated its Annual Religious Fiesta..or so its called ” Feast of The Lady Of Candles”, Nuestra Señora De La Candelaria. The same highligts and features were celebrated like the other fiesta years of Jaro..The Feast begins with a Holy Mass in the morning and Religious rights. The center of Attraction of the Feast is the Monument of the Lady of Candles situated at the Facade of the Jaro Cathedral and the Holy Candles that is available for sale.

The Agro-industrial and Chatiy Fair still remains, where diverse trades shows and products were showcased.

Dinagyang Festival 2010 List of Winners

A Festival full of blast and excitement, this year’s Iloilo Dinagyang festival, wast quoted by the City Mayor as the “Best ever” Dinagyang Festival. It was a success for the organizers and city officials for a yet splendid and well attended event.Meanwhile, Here are the List of winners for the Kasadyahan, Ati-ati and Luces in the Sky Competitions.

Dinagyang Festtival

Dinagyang Ati-ati Competiiton

Champion – Tribu Paghidaet(La Paz National High School)
1st runner-up – Tribu Bola-Bola(Iloilo National High School)
2nd runner-up – Tribu Pan-ay(Fort San Pedro National High School)
3rd runner-up – Tribu Salognon(Jaro National High School)
4th runner-up – Tribu Silak(Iloilo City National High School)

Special Awards

Best in Discipline– Tribu Pan-ay
Best in Headress – Tribu Paghidaet
Best in Costume – Tribu Paghidaet

Minor Awards

Best in Street Dancing
– Tribu Pan-ay
Best in Music– Tribu Paghidaet
Best in Choreography – Tribu Paghidaet
Best in Performance -Tribu Paghidaet


Kasadyahan Competition

Champion – Tribu Kasag(Municipality of Banate)
1st runner-up – Tribu Tubong-tubong(Municipality of Tubungan)
2nd runner-up – Tribu Patubas(Municipality of Btac. Viejo)
3rd runner-up – Tribu Pantat(Municipality of Zarraga)
4th runner-up – Tribu Mandurriaonon(Municipality of Mandurriao)

Consolation -Tribu Tinuom(Municipality of Cabatuan)

Minor Awards

Best in Street Dancing – Tribu Patubas
Best in Costume – Tribu Kasag
Best in Music– Tribu Kasag
Best in Choreography – Tribu Kasag
Best in Performance -Tribu Kasag
Best Choreographer – Romel Flogen(Tribu Kasag)

Luces in the Sky

Champion – 10(Shin Tang Fireworks) Bulacan
1st runner-up – 18(DSS Fireworks) – Dumaguete City
2nd runner-up – 20(Supreme Fireworks) -Iloilo City

Congratulations to all the winners and to the organizers, see you next year to the Dinagyang Festival 2011.

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2010

Dinagyang Festival

Drum beats, street party, colorful costumes, Food trips and many more,Its Dinagyang time already. Let’s Celebrate and have fun this Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24, as we witness the highlights of the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2010.

Be delighted to witness various Dinagyang Festival activities, click here.

Bourbon Street – Sumptuous Welcome Dining

Bourbon Street is something Ilonggos and tourists enjoy. Since it’s heavy on its sumptuous and, smorgasbord selection of dishes. Bet it, they have the most and maybe very delicious American cuisines. The native food that diners have come to love are still on the extensive menu – including Bourbon Barbeque Ribs, Original Buffalo Wings, 15 hour Pork Belly, and House Special Pizza.


Snapper Florentine
(Braised Snapper with Shellfish Cream Sauce)



Bourbon BBQ Ribs
(Grilled tender pork ribs served with a bold Borboun BBQ Sauce)


Grilled Chicken Pesto


Original Buffalo Wings


Mango Shake


House Special Pizza

(Spicy beef, andouille sausage, olives, mushrooms and capers)



Walnut Turtle Pie
(Gooey caramel on cookie crust with chocolate and walnuts)


Million Layer Cake

Also to be stressed is the fact that the food menu, while retaining much of the native dishes that diners have come to love about Bourbon, has been updated not just in presentation but also in serving size.

So now there’s more to expect when entering Bourbon, and you’re lucky, John Que just might be there to make sure your orders are well taken.

For reservations, call 033-3203028

Bourbon Street
Red Square Garden
Glicerio Pison Avenue
Diversion Road, Manduriao
Iloilo City 5000
Fax: 63-33-3376168

Dinagyang Festival 2010 – Schedule of Activities

The Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Incorporated(IDFI) has finally laded the Dinagyang 2010 Schedule of Activities. So you guys must check this out, and fill those dates and book your itineraries. Hala Bira!

Courtesy of: Iloilo Hotels .info

SM City Iloilo’s Food Bloggers Event

October 4, 2009 on a Hot and busy afternoon, Food Bloggers gathered together to see and taste sumptuos foods prepared by the staffs of SM City Food court. The main visitors were the Iloilo Bloggers, Photographers and Food Enthusiasts.

The purpose of the activity is to showcase the diverse and variety of taste SM Foodcourt has to offer.

The event was sponsored by Picture City,Pepsi, Dunkin Donuts, Coca Cola, Figaro, Octagon, Mister Donut and Our Home together with the management of SM Foodcourt.