Green Mango Restaurant -Soon to Open

Green Mango Restaurant

Green Mango Restaurant

Whoah..after months of waiting..ari na..Green Mango Restaurant, owned by the Que’s in Iloilo, will soon to open @ its Fresh and Green Themed Resto(haha)..

Green Mango Restaurant, is one of the Anchor Resto’s owned by the Que’s. I think sila lang gd ang gahatag sang manami kag naga pa experience sa aton nga mga Ilonggo sang mga bagay nga wala pa naton ma tilawan..That’s why idol ko gd na sila,…hahah


13 thoughts on “Green Mango Restaurant -Soon to Open

  1. looks are deceiving… nami lang ang ambiance sang green mago pero ang serbisyo kag pagkaon indi manami.

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